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Newark Conservancy Urban Farm

Hawthorne Hawks Healthy Harvest Farm

Like a secret garden, in the middle of an entirely urban space, there are rows upon rows of eggplant, peppers, tomatoes, beans, squash, and melons. Then, as if by magic, there’s an entire orchard of over 75 fruit trees, including apple, peach, pear, fig and cherry. Proudly named by the fourth graders at the Hawthorne Avenue Elementary School, the Hawthorne Hawks Healthy Harvest Farm is a 2.5 acre site that was formerly a vacant lot awaiting construction of a new school. Instead of sitting barren, this space has been producing local, pesticide free produce since 2012! The Conservancy manages the farm with the help of hundreds of residents, our Newark Youth Leadership Project interns, participants in our Clean & Green program, and numerous volunteers. In addition to the intensive farm area and fruit tree orchard, for $10 a year, residents can “rent” one of over 200 raised 4’ x 8’ beds to grow their own vegetables through our Plot it Fresh program. If you don’t want to maintain your own garden, you can always purchase the farm’s produce at our Youth Farm Stand!


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